Update Your Powder Room for Under $120

Well, maybe “update” isn’t the right word for a new construction home, but this little powder room was in desperate need of some personality. In recent years, I’ve noticed wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way and I am loving the look! I have a fear of design commitment, and I think a reason wallpaper is often considered outdated is that people tend to keep it forever. As a lover of home design and décor, nothing is forever in our house. 😊 So I began to search for a way to get the look of wallpaper without the commitment. Let’s start with a “before” photo, shall we? Nothing wrong with it other than plain and boring (and a dirty mirror).

Before Wall Decal & Mirror

I also realize that current wallpaper trends now include peel and stick paper without damage to your walls. I considered it and looked at tons of options online, but nothing I loved enough to hire out the work to install. However, I already had experience with wall decals in my daughter’s room and playroom and it was simple, easy and caused zero damage to the walls! Better yet? I did it myself!

Blush Pink Bedroom

Semi Flush Mount Light Fixture

Blush Pink Door

I started looking online and the majority of wall decals seem to focus on nursery’s, playrooms or have words and phrases (yikes). Eventually, I found “Inked Leaves” from Urban Walls purchased at Wayfair that are large in scale and a charcoal/black color. I bought the half order due to the small size of the powder room and it only cost $93 with free shipping. Oh, and my husband is making fun of me for calling it a “powder room”. I mean, sure in real life I simply refer to it as a bathroom, but the word bathroom just doesn’t sound pretty in a blog post title. He asked, “would a normal person even call it that?” Um, yea…I think they actually would?! Right?

Half Bath

Bathroom Vanity Light

Moving on…the decals come in large sheets and the directions say to cut around each decal and tape it to the wall. I gave it a try, but it took too long and I noticed I wasn’t even following the “pattern” I created. So I’d remove the adhesive and just place it on the wall (you can reposition it) and then used a credit card to smooth it out. I’d look around to determine where the next one should go…or yell for my husband while on the ladder and say, “just tell me where this one needs to be” because he had a better perspective. I highly recommend that method.

Wall Decal Process

White Solid Wood Chairs

Inked Leaf Decal

Wall Decal How To

Easy Wall Decal

I debated on painting the board and batten trim a moody charcoal gray to compliment the “wallpaper” but decided instead to paint the door a light shade of blue. It’s called Misty from Sherwin Williams. We have several black doors throughout our home and I thought painting only the back of the door would be a fun surprise. Because we all love surprises in the bathroom. LOL

Pale Blue Door

Powder Room Vanity Mirror

Round Mirror

Powder Room Decor

Wall Art (similar)

This project was easy, simple and fun. I think it looks better in person, but that’s hard to prove. Lol Seriously, it took just a few hours to paint the door and put up the wall decals. The cost of the paint was less than $20 (with a new paintbrush) and the decals were $89. I love painting interior doors because it’s unexpected but so quick and simple. The pale blue color looks pretty with the charcoal leaves and gives this bathroom a more polished look. I already had the mirror hanging up in my office at work, but decided to bring it home to see if I liked it in here. (Yup). I still like the original mirror I had, but may move it into my daughter’s bedroom. I felt the shape competed with my new walls and the round mirror simplifies and balances out the POWDER room. Or should I say….bathroom? hehe 🙂 So, what are your thoughts on wall decals? Have you tried them yet?

Powder Room

Toilet Paper Holder | Bathroom Vanity

13 thoughts on “Update Your Powder Room for Under $120

  1. The decals are a great idea – looks just like expensive wallpaper! Also looks very easy to apply – love it.

  2. Love this! You know what i love even more? I can do this myself (and actually complete it) while the kids nap! 👍🏻

  3. I love the ease and look of the decals. Also love the idea of quick inexpensive swap if you want to change this up in a year.

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