New Lighting Over Our Kitchen Island

Island Lanterns

Hi! Before I talk about the new lighting over our kitchen island, I want to say I am so grateful to Wayfair for sponsoring this post, (my first one!). As mentioned in my disclosures, I will only work with brands I trust and with products I love. That being said, we have some new island lighting!

I must admit, I did love my original island pendants, which were also purchased from Wayfair months before I even knew what my kitchen would actually look like, and even before I was accepted as a Wayfair Home Stylist. 🙂  I really do love Wayfair for the options and affordability. These new lanterns are just over $130 a piece!

oversized lanterns

Still, I felt like the glass pendants were a bit small in scale over our 10-foot island. If they were just a little bigger, they may have worked. They are also at a great price point and just under $315 each. However, more expensive doesn’t always mean better, it depends on the space the item is in.  I think the new lanterns are just better suited for our kitchen.

glass island pendants

Glass Island Pendants

The Inspiration

Regardless, I still liked them and was happy until I saw my in-law’s new lantern light fixture in their master bedroom. It’s pretty, shiny and huge! I asked my mother-in-law where she bought it and once she told me Wayfair, I knew I needed two of them for over our island. Below, is my in-law’s beautiful bedroom. Seriously, I need to do a tour of their entire house!

lantern light in master bedroom

The New Lanterns

Don’t these lanterns just look like they were always meant to be over our island? They are larger and admittingly easier to clean since they do not have glass. Here is a photo of them with the lights on.

new lighting in kitchen over island

kitchen island

6 light lantern pendant

They make me happy! Ahhh, it’s the little things. I don’t have plans to switch out any more lighting in this house (we have only lived here just over a year) but I do have plans for our walk-in pantry so stay tuned!


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  1. Laura Ainsworth says:

    Love the scale, but especially that they don’t havd glass! Is your mother-in-law a decorator, too? You seem to have simular tastes….. perhaps a business venture together?

  2. Myra Harper says:

    They look beautiful!

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