Gift Guides for Everyone on your Shopping List

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The holiday season has arrived and although I haven’t put our Christmas trees up yet, I’ve definitely started shopping. That being said, I wanted to create a few gift guides for everyone on your shopping list! But first, I thought I’d share a photo of our tree and mantle from last year. We have this skinny pencil tree . It has great reviews and is currently on sale for $99! I like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but still has a presence in the room. Upstairs, we have a huge tree and that’s the tree that Santa deposits the presents (conveniently located next to the playroom). 😉

Bookcase Sconces

I’m hoping these gift guides will be helpful as I tried to use various price points for all the special people we shop for. Naturally, I based many of them off gifts I’d like to receive (are you reading this, mom?!) or that my daughter or husband has/wants. As a blogger who focuses on interior design and decor, of course I had to create a gift guide for that someone who may have moved into a new home or just really likes home decor. That’s because I am totally that person who gets excited over fluffy bath towels or a nice candle!

Gift Guide for the Home Decor Enthusiast

  1. A good throw blanket. I like a cozy blanket and if I’m buying it as a gift, I generally choose something neutral so it can fit within any decor style. It’s simple and functional- who doesn’t want a cozy blanket watching TV? I put it in a size appropriate wicker basket with a big candle and either a nice bottle of wine/fancy coffee and a classic picture frame. This is a safe gift. lol
  2. A pretty vase. I like this one for the organic, natural look. It’s a great size for an entry table or on bookshelves. I even like it without anything in it.
  3. Green desk lamp. Love this task lamp! I love green (and gold) and this would look so pretty in a home office.
  4. Black round mirror. I actually chose this mirror for a design I did for a client in their powder room. It’s a great mirror and would also look pretty over an entry or buffet table.
  5. Marble Cutting Board. I have one of these but it’s too beautiful to actually use, so I have it leaning against my backsplash. But you can also serve cheese on it which is more likely the intended purpose.
  6. Stylish Accent Chair. This is so cute and affordable! Would look awesome in a guest room, home office or corner in their living room.
  7. Flannel Sheet Set. Again, it’s neutral with the gray plaid so regardless of the color scheme, it could work. These could be great in colder climates.
  8. Green Velvet Pillow Covers. These are amazing and what I have on my sofas right now. Fabulous quality and so affordable. Zipper is hidden and they are the best shade of green. You can see some images of them in this post here.

Gift Guide for Him

  1. Titleist Golf Balls. If you know a guy who likes golf, then I’d call this a win. Maybe add a cool golf towel and some tees with a glove.
  2. YETI Dog Bowl. This bowl is dishwasher safe, holds 8 cups of water and is resistant to spills. I’m sure any dog lover will appreciate this.
  3. Hoverboard. These are fun! People used to cruise around my office riding these. Whether it’s for a kid, teen or a grown up, I promise it’s fun!
  4. Fun Socks. Great stocking stuffer or add-on gift. I love it when I’m in a serious meeting at work and someone crosses their legs and I see tacos all over their socks. It makes me like them. Lol
  5. Oculus Quest Gaming Headset. A family member just got this and we keep going back over on Saturday nights just to play. Trust me when I say this is fun for the whole family! My mother in law was boxing, my aunt was drumming with light sabers and my husband hung out with Darth Vader in the Star Wars game. HA
  6. Leather iPhone Case and Wallet. Stylish, masculine and super functional.
  7. 4 Drawer Desk. This is the desk in my husband’s office and it’s generous in size. He really likes it and it looks great facing the entry of the room or against a wall.

Gift Guide for Her

  1. Backpack. This backpack has a USB charging port and can easily fit an iPad. Stylish and functional, great for the necessities you want when traveling with a carry-on.
  2. Kate Spade Watch. I have this and love it. I wear it to work, but also to weddings. It just looks great on your wrist and very versatile!
  3. Polka Dot Sweater. Yes, this is just cute. I’d wear it with black skinny jeans and ankle boots.
  4. Lou and Grey Sweatpants. YES to these sweats!! I have them in gray and they are so insanely comfortable. I personally think they run a little big so I’d size down one. But they are great for lounging or running errands while trying to nail the athleisure look. Lol
  5. Miss Dior Perfume. Or should I say, Eau de Parfum? Either way, it smells amazing!!
  6. Pull Over Sweatshirt. I love this, looks super comfortable and would look especially cute paired with #7 below…
  7. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots. I need these!! I love a good all weather boot for fall/winter and so would that girl you need to buy a gift for.
  8. Ugg McKay Ankle Boots. I need these too! They would look great with leggings and a pullover sweater or skinny jeans and a fitted flannel shirt with a vest…I just think they look cozy and warm.

Gift Guide for Kids

  1. Barbie DreamPlane. My daughter wants this and every time we watch the Disney channel and there’s a commercial for it, she gets excited. So, I’ve added it to her list. 🙂
  2. Cry Babies Doll. There are several in a collection you can buy, but individually they aren’t expensive. Of course, my kid wants all of them so uh, yea.
  3. Toy Story 4 Duke Kaboom. Yes, you CANada. Sorry, I had to. Who doesn’t love Toy Story!?
  4. Easel. This is a great gift for a kid(s). One side is a chalkboard, the other is dry erase and it has storage and a paper roll.
  5. LEGO Elsa Magical Ice Palace. With the upcoming Frozen 2 coming out, you know everything will once again be all about Elsa and Anna. Lol
  6. Kids Sperry Duck Boots. I just ordered these for my little girl and some cute wool socks to pull up over her leggings.
  7. Kids Croc Rain Boots. Too adorable to not get! It comes in several fun colors from kelly green to bright yellow and navy blue.
  8. Osmo Genius Starter Kit. We have a few different learning Osmo games, and I can’t recommend them enough. They are fun too!

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope you find something on one of these lists for your favorite people this holiday season. Click here to see last years (still relevant) gift guides! Happy Shopping!!