The Summer Edit with Wayfair

Summer Deck Decor

Hi Guys!! I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to bring you The Summer Edit, a fun design guide full of current trends and design advice, including a Wayfair Q & A with yours truly!

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New Outdoor Sectional Sofa For Our Deck

Q & A with Wayfair:

Wayfair: While we are nearing the end of summer, people are still eager to enjoy every last minute of it. What is your go-to design recommendation to clients who are looking to bring a relaxing vacation feel to their homes?

Katie: Lots of greenery! Palm leaf and yucca plants definitely bring the summer vacation vibe. Flowers and plants in beautiful pottery grouped together is always a great look on decks and patios.

Wayfair: Which design trend are you loving right now?

Katie: Earth tone neutrals. It has such a relaxed look especially paired with natural wood tones and white walls.

Wayfair: Do you have any how-to posts you’ve written recently that you think would help folks get started on some much-needed DIY updates? Katie: I recently did a DIY wall treatment upstairs for around $40 and completed it an afternoon. It gave an otherwise blank wall some character and texture and was so easy! You can find the tutorial here.

DIY Wall Treatment to add texture and character.
mirror | chandelier

Wayfair: Which summer decor project that you worked on are you most excited about?

Katie: A project I recently did was paint our french doors and the surround trim black. The power of paint is amazing! It changed the look and feel of our living room and I absolutely love it. Wish I did it sooner! You can find that post here!

Living room with black french doors
| Sconce |
The Power of Black Paint

Some Top Trends in Outdoor Decor This Season from Wayfair:

  1. Charcoal Grills
  2. Sheds – Up to 50% off through August 18th!
  3. Composters
  4. Deck Lights
  5. Flood Lights
  6. Ceiling Lights
  7. Large Outdoor Planters
  8. Outdoor Bistro Tables
  9. Patio Side Tables – Up to 30% off
  10. Picnic Tables – Up to 30% through August 18th!
  11. Patio Coffee Tables
  12. Trampolines

Other trending categories right now both inside and out: Queen mattresses, washer and dryer sets, wood bed frames, full-length mirrors, wine refrigerators, the Sunsetter brand (especially their awnings), and smokers.

Wayfair’s Response to COVID-19

With the help of incredible customers Wayfair has been able to raise more than $2.3 million for the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. This contribution will go directly to supporting more than 200 food banks, 60,000 meal programs, and millions of Americans during this difficult time. Read more about Wayfair’s response to COVID-19 here

Together with Wayfair, DecorKate wishes you a happy and safe end of summer, full of inspiring design and a home that you love.