New Outdoor Sectional Sofa For Our Deck

New Outdoor Sectional Sofa For Our Deck

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Hi! Sorry that I haven’t posted recently, I have no excuse other than being crazy busy. Summer is here and we have a busier schedule of gymnastics, swimming and all the other the fun summer things I’m sure you’re doing as well! However, I want to show you guys our deck makeover and I am so excited about it! We replaced our oversized table and chairs with an outdoor sectional sofa and couldn’t be happier.

Outdoor Pillows

Our previous home had a massive deck and so we had outdoor furniture that fit to scale. We moved into our new house in December of 2017 and this home has a smaller deck and the large outdoor table just consumed the space. You seriously had to shimmy past the huge table to just sit down. I loved it, but it just doesn’t work in the allotted space.

The Before Photo


Outdoor Pouf

We decided that instead of a table, lounge-style seating might be more functional for our family. I wanted to maximize the seating while still having space and prevent crowding. An outdoor sectional was the obvious winner. We have discussed the possibility of screening in our deck (someday) because we want a place to just relax and kick back with a little shade or to enjoy watching a good thunderstorm! We honestly didn’t use the dining table much and none of us really eat outside (I freak out if a fly even lands near my food). #crazy

So I searched online for an outdoor sectional. I found this one at The Home Depot for the best price!! We paid $750 but it’s currently on sale for $660.95!! I debated between the one we ended up buying or this one with the “X” on the ends. My husband wasn’t crazy about the “X’s” but I thought they were cute! Since he generally doesn’t care about home furnishings, I wanted to choose something he actually verbalized liking! LOL The set comes complete with the cushions and the coffee table. Best part? My husband was able to put it together in a little over an hour.

We both felt like a sectional would best maximize the space and also allow us all to lounge on it together comfortably. Our daughter really didn’t like to just sit at the table; she would get uncomfortable and bored. This seating arrangement allows her to lay back and hang out.

I wanted cream colored cushions and my mom didn’t understand why I would choose something light that would be outside. However, dark cushions fade quite a bit from the sun and also show everything – similar to a dark car. I figure I can hose them off or clean them with some outdoor fabric cleaner and store them in the winter months.

4 Piece Sectional

I did put teak oil all over the wood furniture before bringing it out on the deck. This will help protect it from the weather elements and fading/cracking/peeling. It was surprisingly easy and took less than 45 minutes to do all of it. I’m not really sure how often you are supposed to do it, but I plan on doing it every season. I also sprayed on an outdoor fabric water repellent that helps protect the cushions. They also have zippers so I can take them off to wash them if necessary.

Overall, we love it! I still need to get my husband to hang some string lights, but for the most part our deck is done! We are currently working on some major plans to the landscaping in the backyard and putting in a paver or flagstone patio that extends off our deck. There will be additional seating, a retaining wall, koi pond and firepit. Stay tuned!