2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guides for all your favorite people!

Happy Holiday Season! Although, I must admit I am anxious for this year to be over with already. 2020 has been a universally weird year, but you already know that. So to help make life even the least bit easier, I created some holiday gift guides for all your favorite people where you can shop from the comfort of your home mask free. 🙂

Gift Guide for HER

Ok, I tried to use various price points to cater to everyone and every budget. But I generally try to find gifts that I do have or would like to have! I have the Kate Spade watch and the one I linked is on major sale right now. I also have the Bissel Spinwave (it’s awesome!) and the fluffy Pottery Barn robe which I received as a gift for Christmas last year.

Gift Guide for HIM

I enlisted the help of my husband for most of these. I know he wants the new Xbox, but it’s sold out everywhere! He likes video games, so I did link a “gamer” chair, even though I don’t think they are cute at all. Lol He also loves to golf so I think I’m getting him this new golf bag and it’s a reasonable price. A nice leather band for his Apple watch (under $20!) but I’m mostly excited about the leather weekender bag for when we take a quick trip. It’s time for him to retire his overstuffed “backpack”. 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide for TEENS

I don’t have a teenager (yet) but I do have cousins and like to think I’m sorta hip and cool. No? People who say this are never hip or cool. I know I wanted everything when I was a teenager (not much has changed) and so I tried to think of gifts that the average teenager would like. From trendy shoes and comfort to gadgets and hygiene. Like, what teen wouldn’t want a mini-fridge in their room?! Under $40!

Holiday Gift Guide for KIDS

Ok, so I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two. What is wrong with me today!? Anyway, I have a 5-year-old daughter who equally loves video games (probably because of her dad) and ninja moves to all things girly. She’s in gymnastics and already has the mat which she loves to do somersaults on, but we’re getting her the gymnastics bar (foldable) and her grandparents are getting her the balance beam. She’s definitely getting this cute bike too! She currently has this cute kitchen, the washer/dryer, and the adorable butterfly iPad case.

Well, I hope these holiday gift guides help with your online shopping this season. You can also check out my Gift Guide from 2019 here and 2018 here. I hope your family has a happy, healthy holiday season and that 2021 starts to resemble normalcy for us all!

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Merry Christmas!