Quick Update to our Mudroom

Shiplap Mudroom

Hi! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but life has been busy, so this will be a quick post. I want to share our quick mudroom makeover. My taste and style are constantly evolving and I may love a look for years, then realize I’m ready for a change. This is the reason I have a blog! To share my crazy changes. 🙂 As you may know, we custom built our home 3 years ago and I chose every single detail. My husband even drew the mudroom cabinetry for our builder so it would look exactly how I described it. I also wanted white cabinetry for all our builtins (I still love white!) but does every builtin need to be white? Case in point, our mudroom/laundry room combo:

The Before(s):

Decor Overload! Look at those shelves, yikes.
Mudroom Cabinetry Painted White

It looks ok…crisp and bright in a windowless space. However, the white is pretty stark in comparison to the brick tile flooring we have, which has muted tones of ivory, taupes, and gray. On a whim, I decided to warm the space up a bit. I wanted a mushroom color, hints of taupe, but not too dark. I got on Pinterest for inspiration and settled on Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

Mudroom Progress:

Wooden Stool

Guess what? I love it! It’s one of those easy changes that make you wonder why you never thought of it sooner. You can really notice the paint difference when you look at the baseboards. Unfortunately, this room is tough to photograph. Here’s the after:

The Mudroom After(s):

Revere Pewter Mudroom
Revere Pewter Paint on mudroom cabinets.

I also felt like in my “before” photo, there was a lot going on. I love decor, but it can certainly be overdone and I think it was. Lots of trinkets on the shelf, the farmhouse sign above the cabinetry. Too much….stuff. I wanted to simplify it a bit, so I removed a few things and took away the chalk sign with our family name. The brick floor tile looks so much prettier with Revere Pewter paint than bright white. I love how the brass hardware compliments the new paint color and the wood and leather coat hook pegs are cute and functional.

Wood and leather peg hooks in mudroom. Brass hardware.

The final touch is yet to come, but we will be adding shiplap behind our washer and dryer. We will also be adding a butcher block countertop on top. Hoping it happens in the next week or so! Right now, I need to figure out what I want to put underneath the leather coat hook pegs. A utility sink was the original plan, but that involves additional plumbing; so I may just run to HomeGoods and find a cuter laundry basket. A small wood table with brass hardware would also be pretty. Stay tuned!

Mudroom seat, shiplap walls, revere pewter paint, brass hardware.

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