The Power of Black Paint

Black French Doors

Hi Guys! I hope you’re all staying safe during this quarantine. Let’s talk about the power of black paint! My mother in law suggested I paint all the trim black around my french doors. My doors were already black, but not the trim above and around it. I have no idea how I never considered that! Needless to say, I started this quick project right away. And anyone who knows me knows I love a black door and now I think my doors look taller and classier. 🙂


French doors in living room before being painted black
Living Room Chandelier


After photo of living room french doors once trim was painted black. The power of paint!
Entry Rug

It completely changes the look of our living room! Even better? I had left over paint (Sherwin Williams Iron Ore) from our builder. It’s trim paint but in black. So, the cost of this project was ZERO. 🙂

Close up photo of painted black french doors
Coffee Table | Fig Tree

I did use painters tape around the trim to avoid getting it on the walls (Benjamin Moore Classic Gray) and that probably took the longest. Then I painted 3 coats of just the trim leaving the doors alone as they looked fine. I don’t know why I never initially thought to do this! I love black paint, it makes such a bold, classic statement. We even had our dining room painted black! You can check out that post here.

The power of paint! Black doors and trim. Instant update
Door Knobs | Sconce

Of course, when you change one thing…it leads to another so I just had to order new pillows. I like my green velvet ones, but they’re a bit heavy for spring. I ordered pillow covers online from Land of Pillows and these feather inserts for my lumbar pillows (currently on sale). TIP: Pick an insert one size larger than your pillow covers.

So despite seeing a palm tree plant through the window in the photo below, it was in the 30s on this day! I wanted a fire (better be the last one we have until late fall!) However, I’m sad the new plants did end up dying. We got a little eager to get the deck ready and in Kentucky, they say not to put out plants until after Derby! Aghhhhhh (we did it again, but I’m bringing these suckers inside next time we have a freeze).

Fireplace going in living room with black french doors. Power of paint!

Just a quick post to share an easy project that shows you the power of black paint. It can totally transform a space. I think home projects are especially important right now since it’s the only place we can be and we should all love the spaces we are in. 🙂


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  1. Ginny Green says:

    Katie i love the brass lamp, what did you find it?
    Whole room looks so good, love it!

  2. DecorKate says:

    Thanks! It was a HomeGoods find!

  3. Martina says:

    this looks so stunning Kate! I’m loving all things black right now. PS, we must be decor twins because I have the same chandelier, pottery barn candle sconces and couch color. Mind sharing your wall paint color? 🙂 Happy decorating friend!

  4. Daynia says:

    WOW! I’ve never thought of this! I love it. the room is very well accessorized! Very cozy.

  5. Marifaith says:

    I would’ve never thought of using black paint but this is gorgeous!! Will have to think about this for future decor work!!

  6. DecorKate says:

    Haha thanks! Paint color is Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore 🙂

  7. April says:

    Love the black. Something about contrast makes a room feel amazing!

  8. Jodi says:

    I love this so much! Looks beautiful.

  9. I love the boldness of the black. I have a set of wood French doors that need updated. You’ve convinced me to go black!!

  10. I love the bold look of the black. You’ve inspired me to paint my old French doors!

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