Guess Who Is An Official Wayfair Home Stylist!?

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Hi, guys! I’m so excited to announce I’ve been accepted to be a Wayfair Home Stylist! This was a huge goal of mine because I love Wayfair and its variety of home decor and convenience of shopping online. Basically, a Wayfair Home Stylist is a community of home decor enthusiasts selected by Wayfair as brand ambassadors. But officially:

“You are now part of a community of select interior designer influencers who inspire and guide people to find design schemes and home decor pieces that are just perfect for both their style and their budget! As one of our official Home Stylists, you serve as a brand ambassador and a tasteful and creative interior designer that we believe shares our vision that everyone should live in a home that they love.” – Wayfair Home Stylists Program

I’ve decided to do a roundup of a few of my favorite Wayfair finds that are in my own home- purchased well before I was selected into their program. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of this.  Wayfair has home decor/furniture/lighting to suit everyone’s style and budget. So let’s get started! All links are listed under the photos and at the bottom of this post.

Swing Arm Lamp Sconces

I’m obsessed with sconces and have quite a few throughout our home. I wanted to have a pair directly over our fireplace built-ins for cozy evening ambiance. But I love them in the daytime too when they aren’t even on because they’re just pretty. ?


Swing Arm Sconces


Bar Cart

I searched for a bar cart that would complement the black walls in our dining room and wanted something round to break up all the angular lines in the room. This bar cart is a perfect size and the two trays have handles that lift off for easy serving.


Bar Cart

Coffered Ceilings in Dining Room

Dining Chairs

These beautiful dining chairs are comfortable and stylish. I wanted an oatmeal color to go with the neutral decor in our dining space and these were exactly what I had in mind.

Black Dining Room Walls

Dining Chairs

Solid Wood Dining Chairs

These classic white chairs are solid wood and great if you have kids. They have survived being drawn on with crayons, markers, finger paint and easily wipe right up. Spilled spaghetti sauce? No problem. For any stubborn stains, a Magic Eraser takes it right off. They also come in several colors.


Solid Wood Kitchen Chairs

Center Bar Cabinet Pulls

When selecting cabinet pulls for our kitchen, I looked everywhere for something substantial enough in weight and length to compliment our cabinetry. I really wanted polished nickel, so when I found these beauties, it was an easy decision.


Cabinet Pulls


Queen Size Metal Bed

I’ve always loved the look of a metal bed and this one does not disappoint! It’s black/brown metal is sturdy and exactly what this guest room needed.


Metal Bed

Semi Flush Mount

In the same room is this pretty semi-flush mount light fixture. I just can’t handle a boob light, not even in a closet. Lol, I looked for something that had some personality yet was simple enough to flow with the rest of the decor in this room.

The Guest Room

Semi Flush Mount

Island Pendant Lights

Ok, these are definitely a favorite of mine! I wanted pendants that were classic, elegant and traditional and these were so beautiful I bought them when they were still clearing our lot to build our home! I think they were the first light fixtures I purchased.


Island Pendants


Brick Floors

I knew I wanted brick flooring in a herringbone pattern in the mudroom/laundry when we decided to build our house. These floors are actually a porcelain brick tile that mimics the look of real brick. I read every review, searched for photos on Pinterest and have zero regrets with these floors!


Brick Floors


There are several other Wayfair products in our home, but these are just a few of my favorites I wanted to share with all of you!


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