A Look Inside Our Master Bedroom

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Hi Guys! Things have been crazy busy in a great way, but I am exhausted and well, I need sleep. 🙂


Speaking of sleep, I thought today I would show you our master bedroom. It’s a pretty good size but I do have one wall that I am not crazy about. It’s sort of that wall where you throw left over furniture from a previous home because you aren’t sure what to do with yet. I’ll talk more about that later.

upholstered bed

I think our bed may be one of my favorite pieces of furniture and I absolutely love having a platform bed. I was happy to ditch the bed skirt and not having one means you can’t stash stuff under the bed using it as “storage”. Well, I suppose you can- but we don’t (in this room anyway, lol). We used to have a tufted headboard in a cream color but I decided we needed to go darker and try a platform bed. It’s a bit more modern, masculine and has cleaner lines which I am loving right now. I say masculine to cover up the fact that I have 3 blush pink pillows on the bed. Hehe And this rug is soft underfoot and definitely a favorite. No shedding, vacuums nicely and the fringe isn’t a tangled mess. Plus, it’s pretty!

view of bedroom

I will be honest, I struggle with what to put over a bed. A mirror? Wall art? In our old house, I had an animal head over it, which is now in our guest room. The random hats over the bed are not an original idea, but still unique and bit quirky which is fun.

I love a duvet, it’s like snuggling a cloud. Our cover is a dusty gray linen one from Restoration Hardware, but my husband just isn’t a fan. He sleeps hot and prefers only a top sheet. Somehow in the night, the entire duvet ends up stockpiled on top of me in a bundled mess. So my mother in law suggested the Pottery Barn linen diamond quilt, which I was considering until I found a look-a-like at HomeGoods this weekend! So instead of spending nearly $350 on a king size PB one, I scored this for $50!

I must say it’s perfect at night! My husband even likes it and I didn’t end up reaching for the duvet. Unfortunately, I can’t link it since it’s a HomeGoods find and their stock varies, but you may want to check out their bedding section.

master bedroom chair

Our dresser and nightstands are from Pier 1 Imports. They’re awesome, very good quality, real wood and have velvet lined drawers. They’re spacious and deep enough to store the random stuff we all seem to keep in our nightstands. Photo albums from 2003? A broken camera? Cords to nothing? Half-read books? I think I need to do some spring cleaning…

The semi flush mount is sold all over, but the best price I have found is here and although it looks brassy gold in this photo, it’s more of a brushed gold. The leaning mirror is heavy enough that I actually only lean it against the wall but it does come with mounting hardware.

And now for the weird wall…

So for the weird wall, what should I put here instead? I’m thinking about a settee in a luxe velvet color like emerald green or going with an upholstered bench. I mean, I can only stuff so many throw pillows on the chair. LOL I used to be so proud of this little wannabe etagere. It was initially a black bookshelf from IKEA that I used gold Rub N Buff on to dress it up a bit.

I don’t hate it, I just think I want something else there to switch it up a bit. Oh, and I also want to add french doors in place of windows. That won’t happen for a while, but I want to be able to walk right out into the backyard. Plus, it would be covered! My husband’s office is directly above our bedroom and he has a balcony, so adding a cute brick patio would be perfect! But for now, I will focus on the settee because in comparison to adding french doors, the likelihood of it happening (soon) is much higher. 🙂

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  1. A loveseat and small table would look nice in that space. When you were building your house did you think about french doors going outside or did you know you’d need another project down the line? lol

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