Master Bathroom Update: Wallpaper!

So, I have been wanting to give our master bathroom an update with wallpaper for awhile. I’m finally ready to join in on the wallpaper trend which has made a huge comeback in recent years. However, I get nervous about anything super permanent just in case I decide I don’t like it in a year (especially with patterns). I knew I wanted to try wallpaper in our water closet since it’s a smaller space and wanted to attempt the peel and stick version…myself.

Well, being only 5’1″ that just wasn’t going to happen. Our ladder is really large and difficult to straddle the toilet area to reach the 9ft ceiling. So, I tricked my husband into doing it. “Can you just help me with the corner pieces? I can’t reach.” He stood on a barstool and then I ooohhh’d and ahhhh’d over what a great job he just did. Lol “Wow, that was fast, can you do another piece?” He instantly knew what I was doing and although annoyed, he did it! In fact, he did it in less than 2 hours. 🙂

Hanging peel and stick wallpaper in water closet.
Installing peel and stick wallpaper in water closet

We used an old library card to smooth it out, but they have squeegees specifically for wallpaper. I tried to help with scoring around the outlet and light switch. You can see in the photo below the wallpaper was getting stuck, but luckily you can reposition it.

Process of installing peel and stick wallpaper

I don’t really have a tutorial as it’s pretty straightforward. Peel it off about 6 inches as you go. I read online to overlap the new sheet of wallpaper over the existing 3/4 of an inch because wallpaper will shrink and this avoids gaps. Then trim the access with a sharp razor blade in corners and above and below trim work.

Freestanding bathtub, TV on wall and accent chair with view of new peel and stick wallpaper
Bathroom Rug | Bathroom Chair

I did a few other minor changes since I last posted about my master bathroom here. Like, the cute rug in front of my bathtub on sale right now for $15.99 (normally $20). We also switched out our TV for one that is trimmed in white and slightly bigger than what we had. It’s 24″ and although it’s not a pretty design choice, I need my TV on while getting ready in the mornings. 🙂

View of master bathroom including vanity, rug and closet door.
Bathroom Mirrors

I finally changed the pulls on the bathroom vanity. The ones that came with it resembled car door handles from the 1960s, so I got these cute ones. The blue/gray paint color on our closet door is Misty Blue from Sherwin Williams.

Close up photo of new vanity pulls
Bathroom Vanity Pulls

Well, that’s our master bathroom update with peel and stick wallpaper! I am super happy with the outcome and think Cory did a pretty great job! It definitely brings a small space some personality.

Pocket door in master bathroom
Chandelier Over Tub | Wall Art
Wide shot of peel and stick wallpaper

I did do a few stories on the wallpaper process on my Instagram, so feel free to check it out! Have you done peel and stick wallpaper before?


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  1. Nancy Rodewald says:

    LOVE it!!! Have always liked wallpaper and this looks just super! Happy to see wallpaper back “in”.

  2. Drea says:

    I love the built-ins in your water closet! Beautiful and great use of the space! Did you have them done when the house was built?

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