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Hi friends! The holidays are approaching and that means you’re more likely to be entertaining guests. I love hosting and it’s nice to make sure your out-of-town guests are most comfortable. A few extra details can really make them feel welcome and relaxed.

Guest Bed Pillows

Blanket (similar)

As I’ve mentioned before, my family are all out-of-state so having a guest room is necessary. This room I refer to as my “parents room” because it’s where they stay when they visit us. Please ignore the lack of blinds, I ordered some cellular shades so mom and dad will be excited to not have to close the drapes when they visit later this month. #privacy

Guest Bed

Metal Bed

I love the metal bed and knew while we were building this home that I wanted one for this room. I chose neutral bedding from Pottery Barn because I wanted this room to have a serene, relaxed vibe. The blanket adds a cozy factor and I swear Target has the best blankets for under a duvet. My mother in law gave us this beautiful antique dresser and I know I am totally ruining the look with a TV on it! Aghhhh. Well, we do have a new TV we received for Christmas last year that we plan on mounting on the wall. Geez. Again, I hope to have it done before my parents arrive. Regardless, our guests seem to appreciate having a TV to unwind before going to bed.

Antique Dresser

I chose a semi-flush mount light because I wanted the metal bed to be the focus and kept everything else relatively simple as far as decor is concerned. The paper mâché head is the perfect touch to go over the bed and nothing makes your guests sleep better than a faux animal head over theirs. LOL

The Guest Room

Light Fixture

The bourbon barrel was actually our wedding “guest book” in which we elected to have our guests sign instead of a traditional book. I love it in this room because it’s where most guests sleep and any guests in our home, were most likely at our wedding. The closet is filled with all my current throw pillow rejects stacked 5 feet tall, but I made sure to leave space for guests to hang their clothes along with extra robes and slippers.

Buffalo Chair

Buffalo Check Chair

A chair is a nice touch in a guest room and this buffalo check one is too cute! It’s a great spot to place a purse or any other personal items not to be left on the floor. And I made sure to have a full-length mirror in here because I’m always grateful when I’m a guest at someone’s house and they have one. I never really know what I will wear (and I overpack like I’m moving in) so to avoid embarrassing myself as I try on 12 outfits running between the bathroom and guest room- I can look like a desperate teenager privately.

Guest Accessories

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When having guests, I always have extra toiletries on hand like unopened razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste & lotion placed conveniently in a basket on the bathroom counter for easy access. It’s also helpful to have an additional blow dryer and curling iron since it’s often a forgotten item.

Guest Closet

Door Knobs

Well, that about sums up the tour of our guest room! I hope you find some of these tips helpful for next time you are entertaining family or friends. What is one thing you are grateful for in a guest room when you’re in someone’s home?


7 Responses

  1. Laura Ainsworth says:

    Love the non-cluttered, fresh look of the room. As a guest, I appreciate a television! Our guests get the best, softest sheets and towels. I also put out a guest basket with soaps, razor, toothbrush, lotion, travel dryer, etc. The little touches make all the difference.

  2. DecorKate says:

    I agree! And our guests have prettier, fluffier towels than we generally use. Lol Nothing says fresh and clean linens like solid white. ?

  3. Bonny says:

    I keep extra toothbrushes, paste, soaps, etc for guests too.
    As a guest I always like towels to be easily found. Put in guest too on the bed so I know certain those are for me.

  4. Nancy Rodewald says:

    Looks SO inviting that your guests may never leave! Just lovely and comfy.

  5. DecorKate says:

    Thanks, Nancy!

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